The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation (MSAII) program is a successor to the M.S. in Biotechnology, Innovation and Computing (MSBIC).  It combines a rigorous AI and machine learning curriculum with real-world team experience in identifying an AI market niche and developing a responsive product in cooperation with external stakeholders. The core program, which lasts four semesters and leads to a capstone project, focuses on both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, equipping graduates to either begin a startup or develop a new organization within an existing company.  Students will also gain critical practical skills, such as making persuasive technical presentations, assembling development teams, and evaluating the potential of new market ideas.

The program consists of four components:

1. The Core Curriculum.  A sequence of four courses over four semesters, covering AI and Future Markets, AI Engineering, Enterprise Development, and a Capstone Project.  The Capstone, which is a 36-unit course, requires development of a working AI system to solve a new and substantive problem.  Also required is the course Law of Computer Technology, which exposes students to legal issues surrounding computer system development and deployment, including startup formation and the law of artificial intelligence.

2. Knowledge Requirements.  A set of six rigorous courses in machine learning, including deep learning and natural language processing.

3. Electives.  Choose from more than 25 graduate courses in big data analytics, robotics, cloud computing, database and distributed systems, biotechnology and software engineering.

4. Summer internship.  During the summer between the first and second years, students are required to take a company internship.

Our students apply techniques from machine learning, natural language processing and big data analytics to solve important problems in a wide range of domains.  On entering the workforce, our graduates can quickly assemble teams, identify challenges and create innovative AI solutions to new problems.

For more details, see the Curriculum page.